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What's It?

What's it? - February 2018 

When is a chair not a chair?  When it's a ladder . . .

This wooden chair, produced in Paris, Maine, in the early 1900s, converts to a step ladder.  There is a long hook on one side of the chair which is unhooked.  The back of the chair is then flipped forward over the seat and the hook re-secured, resulting in a step ladder.


What's it? - August 2017


Potato Masher


A very well used one . . .




What's it? - May 2017


A Napkin Press


Napkin presses were first used by the Romans.  Pressure on cloth flattens it and gives it a sheen.  Presses were used on both freshly washed linen and for recently used linen to "refresh" it before re-use.  Presses were made into the 19th century.